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Your Hearing is Precious

Hearing is precious, but you don't realise that until it is gone! Hearing loss can be caused by noise that could have been avoided or protected from. Hearing loss causes real communications difficulty for people who suffer from it. If you can protect yourself from the damage from noise, you really should.

Protect Your Hearing

Protect your hearing both at work and play with well-made and fitted ear protection, don't take chances with your hearing.

Protecting Your Hearing in Brighton

To prevent this from happening, Brighton Hearing Care provides speciality earplugs and filters for musicians, frequent swimmers, shooters, and those working in noisy environments such as motorsports. We independently select only the most superior products from the best ranges on the market.

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS) For Shooters

This is the best form of hearing protection for sport shooters.

CENS digital are custom-made electronic noise suppressors for shooters. Being custom-made they fit exactly into the user’s ear, ensuring an extremely comfortable fit over long durations.

Every model in the CENS range has these common features:

  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise
  • Allows for normal conversation and the use of mobile phones without the removal of your noise suppression

Hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else